1. Where is Madan Bhandari Memorial College located?

Madan Bhandari College is located in New Baneshwor, around 550 meters away from Shingadurbar eastern gate towards Dhobikhola.


2. Which academic programs does MBMC offer?

MBMC offers +2 at Intermediate level (Science, Commerce, and Humanities), BBS, BA and BScCSIT. at Bachelor’s Level, and Master's degree in Sociology, Journalism and English.


3. What are the subjects offered by the college?

NEB Programs

Science (5 Papers)






Optional (Any One)



Computer Science


Management (5 Papers)






Optional (Any One)

Hotel Management

Computer Science

Business Studies


Humanities (5 Papers)




Optional (Any Three)


Mass Communication & Journalism






Bachelor's Level

BA First Year

Ceng 201: Compulsory English (TH)

Cnep 301: Compulsory Nepali (TH)

Major English

Eng 311: Western Intellectual Tradition Literary (TH)

Major Journalism

JMC 311: Introduction to Journalism and Mass Communication (TH+PR)

Major Sociology

So 401: Introduction to Sociology (TH+PR)

Major Social Work

BSW 311: Concepts & Principles of Social work (TH+PR)


BA Second Year

Ceng 202: Compulsory English (TH)

Major English

Eng: 312 Prose Essay and Short Stories (TH)

Eng: 313 Drama and Film (TH)

Major Journalism

JMC: 312 Media Research (TH+PR)

JMC: 313 History, Law and Mgmt of Media (TH+PR)

Major Sociology

Soc: 402 Sociological Theories (TH+PR)

Soc: 403 Dynamics of Nepali Society (TH+PR)

Major Social Work

BSW 312 Methods of Social Work ((TH+PR)

BSW 313 Integrated Social Work Practice (TH+PR)


BA Third Year

Major English

Eng: 314 Poetry (TH)

Eng: 315 Critical Thinking, Practical Criticism (TH)

Major Journalism

JMC: 314 Public Relations, Advertising and Media Issues (TH+PR)

JMC: 315 Radio Journalism (TH+PR)

Major Sociology

Soc: 314 Perspectives on Develop (TH)

Soc: 315 Research Methods in So/An (TH)


Major Social Work

BSW 314 Social Welfare Administration ((TH+PR)

BSW 315 Research Methods in Social Work (TH+PR)

Nepali Patrakarita

Nep: 316 Nepali Patrakarita (TH+PR)


4-years BBS First Year

MGT 201: Business English

MGT 202: Business Statistics

MGT 203: Microeconomics

MGT 211: Accounting for Financial Analysis

MGT 213: Principles of Management


4-years BBS Second Year

MGT 205: Business Communication

MGT 206: Macroeconomics

MGT 212: Cost and Management Accounting

MGT 214: Fundamentals of Marketing

MGT 216: Foundations of Human Resource Management


4-years BBS Third Year

MGT 204: Business Law

MGT 215: Fundamentals of Financial Management

MGT 217: Business Environment and Strategy

MGT 218: Taxation and Auditing

MGT 219: Organizational Behavior


4 years BBS Fourth Year

MGT 220 : Entrepreneurship and Enterprise Development

FIN 250  : Fundamentals of Corporate Finance

FIN 253  : Fundamentals of Investment

FIN 252  : Foundations of Financial Institutions and Markets

MGT 221 : Business Research Methods

MGT 401 : Final Project


Master's Level

MA: English, Journalism and Sociology


4. What is the total number of students in each class-room?

To provide education in well managed class is one of our objectives. Normally, there are 40-45 students in each class. 


5. What is the method for new admission?

Admission to MBMC is given through a compulsory inclusive entrance examination.


6. How is the teaching faculty selected in MBMC?

Relevant educational qualifications and teaching experience are mandatory for being selected. Afterward, the shortlisted applicants have to go through observation classes and also interview process. Securing that they are passionate and committed for the job, they are finally selected.


7. Does MBMC offer scholarships?

Yes, the college offers limited quota for scholarships to students on a need- cum-merit basis and on the basis of geographically marginalization.


8. What facilities are available for games and sports?

There are various options available for students in games and sports like; cricket, football, and basketball and other indoor games like, table tennis and chess. The college also owns two basketball courts and a table tennis hall.


9. What are the Library or other Resource facilities?

MBMC library provides all the necessary text books possible, reference books, newspapers, journals and magazines to feed the students with knowledge and updates.


10. What are the policies to maintain discipline?

MBMC has a strict Code of Conduct which is regulated and looked after a discipline in charge. If any students found breaching the Code of conduct, s/he is immediately charged under the scheme.


11. What are the class timings?

Morning classes start from 6:15 am (Summer), 6:30 am (Winter) and ends at 10:30 am.

Day classes start from: 10:50 am and ends at 2:50pm for management & 5:05pm for science stream.


12. When are the vacations?

There are two vacations including Dashain and Tihar and winter vacation.


13. How can I contact the College?

Online through our website www.mbmc.edu.np

or by Email: info@mbmc.edu.np

or by Phone No. +977- 1-5172175

or by visiting the MBM College Front Desk