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WordPress Kathmandu Meetup

We are pleased to announce our upcoming WordPress Kathmandu Meetup, tailored specifically for individuals interested in the field of Digital Marketing.

In the upcoming session titled "Thriving as a WordPress Marketer: From Sadness & Madness to Gladness," attendees will learn about the speaker's personal journey and insights into the world of WordPress marketing. This event will provide valuable knowledge on how to overcome industry challenges, find opportunities, and thrive as a WordPress marketer. Whether you're a student or looking to improve your skills, this session is a great opportunity to learn from an experienced professional.

The event promises to be informative and engaging, with opportunities to network with like-minded individuals, gain valuable industry insights, and take the first steps toward a rewarding career in WordPress marketing.

Event Location: Madan Bhandari Memorial College
Event Date: Sun, 19 Mar 2023

Updated at: 2023-03-16 01:26:34